How to Make the Best of a Move with your Dog


Dog on Board: How to Make the Best of a Move with Fido


Moving boxes? Check. Movers scheduled? Check. Fido on board? Almost check. Moving with a dog is like moving with children; with a little preparation and planning, everyone stays happy. This guide to moving with a dog will take the guesswork out of the prep work, so you can focus on the new experiences to be had in Scottsdale (cue perked ears).


Did someone say new experiences? It would be impossible to cover all of the dog-friendly locations in Scottsdale, but these suggestions will leave tails wagging and pink tongues panting. For an outdoor adventure, spend the day at McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park exploring the grassy landscape and railroad museum, and top it off with a burger on the patio at AZ 88. If you’d prefer to hike and see the natural beauty abounding in Scottsdale, leash up for a trail hike through the Gateway Trailhead, or view the rock formations from the second largest landslide in Arizona at the Marcus Landslide Trail. To get a true taste of Scottsdale, visit Singh Farms to pick up fresh produce, or purchase seeds to start your very own garden after you get settled in.


Moving With a Pet


For more information:

Visit to find pet friendly establishments.

Visit to order new ID tags.

Visit to read vet reviews.

Visit for help with packing a travel bag for your dog.

Visit to hire pet friendly movers.

Visit for tips on managing your pet’s stress.

Visit for more tips on moving with a pet.

Visit to get tips on being calm and patient with your dog.


Making the most of your move with Fido is easy once you have the right information and tools, and this guide provides just that. Enjoy the ups and downs, and look forward to what is to come!


PS- My brother Neil just moved to Hawaii from Austin Texas and took his 3 big dogs. Two Catahoula Leopards and a Golden Retriever. The Golden got to ride with him first class. I've asked the author of this article Medina James to write that article and will be posting another blog post on how the specifics of this move, including how he got his Golden through security and on to the plane.... Stay tuned. :-)..... Mark

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